Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 2 Study # 13
September 11, 2011
Dayton, Texas
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<115> Thesis: A major part of "Christ lives in me" is the "belief" that He will actually "produce the results of life" for those in whom He dwells. Introduction: We have been pondering the mystery of the meaning of being indwelt by the Spirit of Christ in terms of what the results will be. Our problem is that the concept is couched in a context of two apostles, both indwelt by Christ, who are at serious doctrinal odds with one another at the level of what is coming out of their bodies. On the one hand, we recognize that the reality of "Christ actually dwelling in our bodies" is a matter of huge import; on the other, we recognize that the reality of an apostle, who participates in that reality in some way and is a practical apostate, is a matter of great consternation. The balloon of ecstasy, created by the declaration that God's Spirit actually dwells in our bodies, is punctured by the reality of Cephas' practical denial of the Gospel itself. Then, the intrusion of our own reality as believers who often blunder badly steps up to the plate and pretty much completes the deflation of that balloon. Bottom Line: Does the teaching of the basic methodology of the Christian Life found in Paul's statements here in Galatians 2 have any genuine reality in it? Is this smoke and mirrors, a politician's promise of progress upward when the reality is down? Before we cast in the towel, we must be sure that we actually understand what Paul wrote.