Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 2 Study # 8
August 7, 2011
Dayton, Texas
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<105> Thesis: What should we conclude is the actual impact of justification by faith upon behavior? Introduction: In Paul's argument with Cephas, he focused his attention upon the facts of the Gospel. First, that any "flesh" that is to be justified before God will have to jettison the human tendency to depend upon a "fair" evaluation of what has been done "in the flesh". Second, that Jesus Christ was the only man Who has ever lived faithfully so that He could be evaluated by the Law and found sinless. And, third, justification before God only has one method: faith in the faithfulness of Christ Jesus. This evening we are going to look into one of the issues behind the raging debate between Paul and those whom Cephas feared: the issue of how Christ is not a "minister of sin".