Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 1 Study # 12
May 22, 2011
Dayton, Texas
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<084> Thesis: Having "James" extend the "right hand of fellowship" destroyed the credentials of the false brethren. Introduction: As we move through Paul's rationale for "faith" in his particular version of the Gospel, we have noted that he went up to Jerusalem to present his message to those who "seemed to be somewhat". As we come to the end of his argument, we note that he says that, when it was all said and done, he received the "right hands of fellowship" from, in this order, "James, Cephas, and John". This is the capstone of this segment of his argument and is enormous in what he claims because, with this claim, if it is true, there is nothing left for the false brethren to use to mount an attack on his message. This evening we are going to look into whose "right hands of fellowship" Paul received.