Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 2 Study # 3
October 24, 2010
Dayton, Texas
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<034> Thesis: The "troubling" of the Galatians consisted of pressing them beyond the boundaries of "faith". Introduction: Last week I argued that what a person "believes" has consequences and that what is believed is always all about "definitions". Then I set up six "fences" to keep "faith" within its boundaries. In the Scriptures, "faith" and "unbelief" are always all about God and His Truth; "faith" is always a response to Promise and not Demand; "faith" is inescapably tied to future activity (works); "faith" is never about nothing in terms of consequences; "faith" is a cessation of resistance to divine promises; and "faith" is a response to divine persuasion. This evening we are going to look into what Paul calls "the troubling of" the Galatians (the NASB uses the word "disturbing").