Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 1 Study # 4
December 6, 2015
Humble, Texas
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<037> Thesis: The lawless one shall be revealed in his "season". Introduction: In our study last time we focused upon the issue of the identities and doings of the one the Scriptures called "The Man of The Lawlessness" which we abbreviate with "The Lawless Man". His identities were given as two: The Man of The Lawlessness and The Son of The Destruction. These identities focus upon the essential nature of the man (one who seeks to be God: lawless) and the essential result of such a nature (destruction as a "harvest concept" -- he destroys and is destroyed). This man is, ultimately, simply the human tool of the greater "lawless" one, Satan. This evening we are going to look into the divine plan regarding this nature and result.