Chapter # 5 Paragraph # 4 Study # 2
April 26, 2015
Dayton, Texas
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<133> Thesis: Our promised participation in the coming Kingdom of the Christ stands rooted in two particular activities of The God of The Peace Himself: sanctification and preservation. Introduction: In our introductory study of this couplet of verses, I attempted to establish my claim that Paul's grasp of the human essence is Bible-wide (it can be seen everywhere) and consists of the three issues of "spirit", "soul", and "body". 1 Thessalonians 5:23 is a summary verse that brings the entirety of the biblical revelation of man's essence into the picture of the promise of God. In that study I made the claim that the "soul" is an actual part of our physical body, and that part of the body is the most fundamental analogy to that "soul" which is not a part of our physical body. Just like our physical heart is the foundation of the metaphoric analogy of the "heart" that exists in our relational identity, so the "soul" that is a section of our body has become the foundation of our understanding of the "soul" when it is not the physical section of our body. Also in that study I neglected to include the eyes as one of the elements of our physical soul, but the summary statement of all that is wrong with the world contains the identifying phrase, "the lust of the eyes"; another use of the physical to give understanding of the relational. One more observation: the letter to the Galatians was all about the root problem of "the pride of life" as it shows up in the doctrines of men in their "works-salvation"; now this current letter is all about the root problem of "the lust of the eyes" as it shows up in the doctrines of men who dismiss the primacy of The Hope and replace it with a kind of materialism that creates only problems for men. Now, this evening we are going to look into Paul's opening phrase: "Now may the God of the peace sanctify you throughout the process of the established goal..." (my translation, obviously).