Chapter # 5 Paragraph # 3 Study # 1
March 15, 2015
Dayton, Texas
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<121> Thesis: The requisite response to "The Hope" begins with a "spirit-soul-body" approach. Introduction: Once Paul had made his last attempt to establish the issue of "The Hope", in 5:9-10, he began to write a series of commands (imperative mood verbs) that actually run all the way down through 5:22. Initially, the commands focused upon the general theme of applying the "parakalesis" (2:3; Paul's summary description of The Gospel) to the Thessalonians in terms of their need to be involved with each other in order to "build each other up" (5:11). This was followed immediately by a "request" to the "brethren" that they fall in line under those whom the Lord had appointed to spear-head this practice of "application" (5:12-13). This is the automatic necessity in a group of both mature saints and new born saints. Someone has to set the standard and it makes no sense for the immature to be that "someone". Then, beginning in 5:14, Paul began a litany of imperatives that are, apparently, the more critical issues involved in getting "believers" to live in ways that support "The Summons" rather than deny it. Verse 14 is Paul's basic approach and we will give it our attention in this study.