Chapter # 4 Paragraph # 2 Study # 1
November 23, 2014
Dayton, Texas
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<091> Thesis: We are to make "making friends of the brethren" one of our primary sub-goals in this interim "life" as we await the coming of God's Son from heaven. Introduction: When we began our considerations of 1Thessalonians 4, we concluded that verse one is a kind of "bottom line" for our lives in this world as we await the culmination of God's plans to send His Son into our world once again. As "bottom lines" go, the "abounding more" in a "walk" that puts "pleasing God" in a high place in our priorities is pretty hard to dismiss as it bubbles to the surface in all of the Scriptures as a high priority. Paul uses this phrase "excel still more" (NASB) at the ends of both 4:1 and 4:10. This is an obvious indication of what he wants to happen. When we put 3:12 into the mix ("...increase and abound..." [the NASB's "excel" is the same as its "abound"]) and stir in 5:23-24, we see that Paul is actually declaring what his goal is in writing this letter: he wants the Thessalonians to clearly understand where God is going with His insistence that we learn how to relate to Him by faith so that He can begin the Kingdom with people in place who know how to live by faith. This evening, as we begin our studies of the second of Paul's paragraphs in chapter four, we see that verses nine and ten are a restatement of 3:12. But, as is sometimes the case, the restatement adds some details that make it possible for us to more fully understand what the meaning is. So, we are going to look into this restatement to see how it helps us.