Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 2 Study # 6
June 29, 2014
Dayton, Texas
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<053> Thesis: The Father's goal is "an abundant entrance" into His Kingdom and His Glory. Introduction: We have spent a significant amount of time looking at Paul's focus upon the importance of the behavior of the messenger in respect to the impact that the message makes upon those who hear it. In its larger context, this focus is challenging because there are many people who come to faith because the message was delivered to them without an "on-hand" human messenger. On the one hand, it seems apparent that Paul's focus creates a strong argument for the conclusion that "enduring, vital, hope" is somewhat dependent upon a legitimate demonstration by the messenger of the legitimacy of the message. But on the other hand, especially in our time frame, the rather impersonal spread of the truth of the Hope makes one wonder if Paul's focus is out of focus. What shall we say to these realities? Is the "personal demonstration" necessary, or is "Hope" really possible without it? The answer seems to be that Paul's teaching is "proverbial" but it does not, in any way, set up any kind of hindrance to the grace of God. What I mean is this: it is "typical" (proverbial) for human beings to find stability in "Hope" by means of the positive impact of the examples of godly others; but, God never actually, finally, rests the success of His plans upon anyone other than Himself. God's method of operation is established as rooted in the Promise/Faith methodology by Galatians and, because His integrity is at stake as the One Who made the Promise and, therefore, must be the One Whose commitments bring it to fruition, in any kind of "final" sense God is One-on-one with every one of His children. If every other person that I know is a bad example of "faith" and, thus, a destroyer of "hope", my quality of experience in respect to the Promise remains as solid and satisfying as the One Who made the Promise can make it for me as I trust Him. This evening we are going to look into the "objective" of God as the Father Who is the actual reality behind every "father" who "summons", "consoles", and "bears witness" in regard to his children. This is crucial because it has to do with "final outcomes" and the bottom line is that God is in the present business of personally taking up the slack for us in regard to our "typical" need for other human beings who regularly drop the ball as clear examples for others. Paul says that God is calling us "into His own Kingdom and Glory". What does that mean?