Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 2 Study # 1
May 18, 2014
Dayton, Texas
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<043> Thesis: Spirit-imparted values are critical to the establishment of hope in those who believe. Introduction: This evening we are going to look into the "positive" side of Paul's characterization of his approach to ministry. We have seen that The Gospel, itself, is an honest summons from God into the Joy of Life and that that means that it has no "error", no "uncleanness", and no "deceptive pretenses". But, that kind of message can only really take root in others if they can "see" its reality in the lives of those who proclaim it. Those who proclaim it, therefore, must not promote a message of flattery; they must not preach a message of pretense that hides an ulterior motive of personal enrichment; and they must not be preaching in order to impress men -- especially in the direction of gaining the material provisions of those men. These statements all have to do with a kind of "negative" characterization, dealing with things that should not be. Now we are going to look into what should be.